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Saturday, September 07 2013

RWS, has provided some general information on Regulations for medical waste disposal in Virginia. Please review information provided from the State of Virginia. For more information, we have provided a link to the Virginia Department Of Environment

Virginia's regulated medical waste management regulations set standards for the storage, and treatment of regulated medical waste. Regulated medical waste may be stored, steam sterilized, incinerated or treated by an acceptable alternative mechanism, and then exclusively in a facility permitted under the regulations. Innovative treatment technology may be allowed if the effectiveness of the treatment can be demonstrated. Treatment of regulated medical waste is expensive and it can result in the release of toxic emissions to the environment. Knowing where-to-throw saves money, improves compliance and worker safety, and reduces environmental impacts.

The identification of regulated medical waste as well as those items that are exempt from regulation is an important part of understanding the regulation of medical devices when they are disposed. Provided here are examples of items that are exempt from regulation and are not considered "regulated medical waste" as well as some items that are considered "regulated medical waste


Link To Virginia Department Of Environment


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