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Thursday, September 12 2013

How to SAVE money NOW - On Biohazard Sharps waste disposal.

Well the FIRST thing you do is hire RWS & Associates, which itself will save you a lot of money. I get this question a lot and honestly, there are many small things a medical practice can do, to save on disposal costs. I would start with your current waste provider, how much do you pay?

We price our services PER BOX, most other providers will price per box, plus a monthly fee, stop fee and other crazy items they just make up. All this is to pump up your invoice and squeeze as much money out of you as possible. So again, start with your bill and current charges, see if your provider may cut you a break.

Secondly, frequency of service, very important. Are you getting service more than you need? Do you really know what is going on?

Here is a link about Saving On Biohazard Waste Disposal also some examples I have provided for you.

EXAMPLE1: You receive a Bi-Weekly pick up, of just one box, most of the time it is full. But sometimes it is just ½ full. The office staff is too busy, so they just let the driver take the box and set-up a new one. Well, that was a ½ a box of waste, not just are you paying a lot for service, but now you are giving money back to the medical waste company. Keep an eye that box, consider going to a monthly pick-up. You may have 2 boxes at the end of the month, or you may have one. So this is an easy area you can try to get a better handle on.

EXAMPLE2: Trash and I mean the kind that is not Biohazard Waste, time and time again, we see office staff putting in NON-Biohazard waste items in the medical waste box, soda bottle, pizza box, fast food, patient documents etc… Well this is just filling the box up quicker and YOU are paying for it.

These are just two examples, please review the list below and do a Biohazard Waste Audit of your own office. Good luck and feel free to contact us for any assistance or a FREE Quote.

  • Review bill and service parameters
  • Try negotiating a better price
  • Consider trying to stretch service to Monthly or Will-Call
  • Monitor Employees who use Biohazard Waste box
  • Review Waste items being tossed in box
  • Have staff meeting and talk about costs of disposal
  • Larger multi location practices may need Consultant
  • Contact RWS & Associates

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