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Sunday, September 15 2013

Maryland Sharps Disposal Company

maryland sharps disposal

 A how to in Maryland & Virginia, on Sharps Needles disposal. Properly disposing of Sharps needles is everyone’s responsibility. Of all the Biohazard waste we handle, Sharps are a top priority for SAFETY. Now to properly dispose of Sharps, it depends on what type of Sharps Class user you are.

SHARPS Disposal Doctors Office
For Health Care practices, you will need Sharps Containers on hand for SAFE disposal, in addition you will need a medical waste box, to place sharps containers in when full. The medical waste box will be your end all, be all, for sharps and other clinical waste generated. When the Biohazard box is full, just give us a call and we will put you on the schedule for pick-up.

Reusable Sharps Disposal Hospital
Currently, there are a few companies offering re-usable Sharps, this type of service would normally be for a hospital or large nursing care unit, etc… Someplace where there could be dozens or hundreds of Sharps containers, this type of service just makes sense. We do not offer re-usable Sharps service right now.

SHARPS Disposal at Home
For home use, this would be a person who may be a diabetic, or taking hormone shots. This person will have the most trouble, trying to do the right thing. Throwing sharps in your trash at home is a big problem. Every state has their own rules and when you get down to the, local County or City, there could be special rules here also.

We suggest that you contact your local health department directly for help. Some things we would suggest, is to purchase a sharps container on-line or from your local pharmacy, we have seen some people use an old Laundry soap or Clorox bottle. These bottles are very durable and just as strong and thick as a Sharps Container.

Make sure to mark on the outside with permanent marker (Sharps Needles) Now, this does not mean you can toss them in the trash or you’re recycling. Again, please contact your local health department for direction, you may be able to take back to your doctor, but call them first. Another option is a Mail Back Sharps program; here is a link to a National leader in this method Mail Back Sharps

These are suggestions and should not be considered the RULE. Before making a final decision on how to dispose of your Sharps, contact your local health department, recycling center or contact us if you work at a Physician’s office.

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